Motherland (2019 - present) is an on-going project shot in Brazil, my place of birth. This project explores reconnecting with the essence of one’s heritage, and how easily we can become estranged from it, particularly in today’s global society. Related thematically is a consideration of our over-reliance on technology to communicate our thoughts and feelings - what is left behind when this tool is removed?


Back Where We Started From (2021): Part of my routine during Brazil’s worst moment in the COVID-19 pandemic was to document my immediate surroundings with my loved ones. Looking for a sense of normality, all we found is uncertainty. This project explores the circumstances in which the pandemic affects our lives.


Outspoken (2019-2020) features conversations with women, between the ages of 18 to 30, in which they share thoughts in finding pleasurable and safe sexual experiences with their male partners. This body of work incorporates portraiture with audio snippets of these intimate conversations. The aim was to create a safe and comfortable space for the subjects and to use both the images and audio as an empowerment tool.

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